10 Awesome Utah Campgrounds You Need to Try

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There is no better way to spend time with friends and family than when camping. The experience gets better when you are RVing at one of the best campgrounds of Utah. But again, why would you want to use a van when camping? The benefits are numerous. Just to mention but a few, RVing allows you to carry as much as possible when going to a camp. You also have the luxury of a comfortable ride, just in case you travel a little further. It also saves you of hotel expenses and it is also quite spacious and flexible.

Now lets take you to Utah.

Whether you want to enjoy the warmth of this summer or would like to camp during winter, Utah has the best campgrounds. The geographical diversity of Utah has catapulted its campgrounds to the top. Be its deserts, lakes, rivers, mountains, canyons, name it, camping Utah covers it all.

The amenities available to campers envisage the basic camp requirements, and some extend to offer luxurious stays at the Utah camp resorts.

Utah has over 20 camping sites most suitable for Rving, we have selected 10 of the best and convenient to any van camper.

10. Flaming Gorge Resort (Dutch John, Utah)

One of the best Utah campgrounds during summer is the Flaming Gorge Resort, coming at number 10. If you are passionate about wildlife, this might just be your last stop. The Green River is nearby where you can enjoy some recreational activities. You may want to carry fishing rods to catch some fish while staying over there. The resort offers boats which you can use to take a ride down the river.

The campsites are under tall cottonwoods which offer cool shade during the hot summer days and beauty all day long. The surrounding mountains offer beautiful scenery close to the lake Flaming Gorge. The mountain terrain allows you to bike or hike through the beaten foot paths.

Basic amenities such as toilets, drinking water, showers and picnic tables will be at your disposal. At the resort you get to enjoy a cool swimming pool on a hot day and you can also access free wifi, firewood, and propane at a small cost.

9. Salt Lake City KOA (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Salt Lake City KOA

Salt Lake City is a historical site that will intrigue your mind and relax at the same time. The Salt Lake City KOA is a place you can have an early morning or evening walks. For swimming, boating, birding or just enjoying the lake view, you won’t be disappointed.

The city has a huge library where you can read about the historical family trees and maybe find yours! If you book in through a resort you will enjoy facilities such as tour shuttles, hot tubs and swimming pools, and wifi. The campgrounds have ample RV parking, latrines, showers, and camping kitchens.

The city has a traditional aspect with an open mine, which is considered the largest in the world. The temple square houses some of the most beautiful choirs and a mall which sums up the city’s theme.

8. Mountain Valley RV Resort (Heber City, UT)

Mountain Valley RV Resort

Mt. Timpanogos offers a breathtaking view when you visit the Mountain Valley RV Resort in Heber. The Rocky Mountains surround the resort’s view while their white mountain tops are absolutely amazing to look at.

During winter, you might want to warm up a bit by being here. The outdoor activities include snowmobiling, ice fishing, and skiing. Camping Utah has never been this interesting. You can camp, raft, enjoy the zip line or even opt to mountain biking.

The amenities available to you apart from a parking slot for all RVs include the swimming pool, hot tubs, cabins, group sites, hookups, clean drinking water and tent sites as well. You will never run out of choices of what to do here.

7. Sand Hollow State Park (Hurricane, Utah)

Sand Hollow State Park

Imagine the contrast between blue waters, red sandstones and brown dunes. The Sand Hollow State Park offers you these just in one visit. The warmth of the camping site can be enjoyed both in summer or winter. The sand hollows are a spectacular view, especially when you decide to go fishing or boating. They are lined just along the water body. With an off road vehicle, you get to ride on the dunes and enjoy the adrenaline rush as you fly over the sand bumps. You can decide to go biking or just walk along the red sandstones or extend it to a hike.

The campsites come in two options. There is the most sophisticated with swimming pools and wifi, or you can opt for the primitive with basic amenities like toilets, showers, and picnic tables.

6. Big Rock Candy Mountain RV Park (Sevier, Utah)

Big Rock Candy Mountain RV Park

Camping Utah will never be complete without mentioning the candy rocks of Marysvale, Utah. The Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort is a campground with ample RV parking. The campsite is suitable for big groups like scouts, youths or even church groups. It might not fit well for those alone times.

The activities you can enjoy around these huge rocks range from zip lines, rafting, float trips, rope courses, white water rafting, mountain biking, hiking and fishing.

And did we mention that it has a river and the Piaute ATV trail? These features enhance the view to be even more beautiful.

As an RV camper you get to enjoy spacious parking, fire pitch, convenient store, free laundry and showers at the shower house. Other amenities include toilets, water, tent sites and hookups. You may consider booking before you visit the resort.

5. Six Lakes Resort (Altamont, Utah)

Six Lakes RV at Altamont

In Altamont, Utah lies your next RV camping site. The Six Lakes RV and Family Resort provides amenities and activities that will offer you lasting camping Utah memories. The wildlife, beautiful trees and buses coupled with many lakes, the contrast from the city life is undeniable.

Six Lakes at Altamont is blessed with a diversity of its geographical landscape. The water bodies allow you to indulge in any form of water sports. You also get to go boating, fishing or floating. The mountain terrain can be explored through hiking, mountain climbing or through an ATV ride. Apart from being suitable for a summer vacation, you can drop in during the winter for skiing or other winter sports.

The Six Lakes Resort offers wifi, full kitchen fitted with a microwave, and a refrigerator. You get to enjoy air conditioning, fireplaces at the cabins, conference facilities, television, and multimedia equipment. You will also have a choice of swimming pools, hot tubs or conjoint pools within the property. Some of these amenities will require some fee so better inquire before you engage them.

4. Sandcreek RV Park (Capitol Reef National Park)

Sandcreek RV Capitol Reef National Park

Coming in at number 4 is the Sandcreek RV Park. Located at in Torrey, Utah, you get a remote location for the best camping experience. Enjoy the beautiful scenic views of the Thousand Lake Mountain while riding an ATV on one of the many trails the area has to offer. But the fun doesn’t stop with just ATVs, activities you could be interested in at the Capitol Reef National Park include biking, hiking, or fishing. Additionally, you could benefit from camping or even tours. Other amenities and activities that make the stay worthwhile are horseshoe pits, fire pits, wifi, toilets, and showers.

3. Bullfrog RV Park and Campground (Lake Powell)

Located on the southern border of Utah, Lake Powell is unlimited in the type of camping Utah it accommodates. From lone camps, group camps or family camps, it is perfect for whatever adventures you seek. Camping Utah while enjoying Lake Powell offers two distinct RV parks and campgrounds. The first is the Bullfrog RV Park and Campground, located on the northern end of the lake whereas the other one where you can view Lake Powell and enjoy its breeze is the Wahweap RV Park and Campground, located on the Utah and Arizona border.

These Utah Campgrounds are fitted with wifi, shower houses, group sites, tent sites, and clean drinking water. Maps are made available for outdoor travel or late arrivals.

With the lake in view, you can rent out boats for skiing or fishing, or even rent out canoe guides. The geography of the region boasts some of the best scenery for hiking, biking, fishing and camping. Apart from laundry facilities you can shop at the gift shop next to the campgrounds

2. Sunset Campground Group Site (Bryce Canyon)

Sunset Campground Group Site

At number two is the Sunset Campground Group Site at Bryce Canyon. While Bryce Canyon has multiple campgrounds for RVing, Sunset Campground is by far the most spectacular. The fun activities that can be enjoyed at a canyon are numerous. Biking, hiking, camping, rock climbing, scenic views, nature programs and horseback riding are phenomenal in this area, but don’t forget to bring your camera for some amazing photography opportunities. However, the physical feature of these canyons is more ecstatic if you listen to its history.

The canyons in this area are believed to be the outcome of wind and water on sandstones which cut through the landscape and left these huge canyons. There are lava-ways which are now considered the canyon bottoms. The mineral content of the canyon is so much that only shrubs are found and tall shade trees are not found here, so the temperatures are therefore high during summer.

The sandstone in red and white peaks is a scene you won’t see anywhere else.

If Sunset Campground Group Site is all booked up, other awesome RV parks in this area include Hitch-n-Post, Ruby’s Inn and the Red Canyon Village. These other RV parks offer many of the same amenities that Sunset does, so you’re in luck!

1. Zion Ponderosa Campground (Zion National Park)

Zion Ponderosa

Down to the final and best campground you can find when camping in Utah. At Zion Ponderosa Campground in Zion National Park, the campground offers modern/sophisticated campsites as well as primitive/traditional campsites. Each year, it receives the largest number of RV campers in Utah. Its campsites are ranked among the best in the country.

The strategic location of the National Park has attracted quality campsites around it. The Zion Ponderosa Campground is located in a mountain where the view overlooks the park. At night the clear sky reveals the beautiful stars calming your cool nights.

In general, campers go to the Zion Ponderosa for the majestic views and serenity. If you haven’t been, this definitely has to make it on your list of places to stay.

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