Awesome Airbnb RV Rentals

Malibu Airstream Rental

Many of us are familiar with Airbnb for renting rooms or vacation homes, but did you know that there are quite a few Airbnb RV rentals as well? Whether you’re starting out as a camper and just want to see what you like in an RV, or you’re looking for something exotic while enjoying the minimalist lifestyle, Airbnb has numerous RV offerings for you to check out.

The great thing of experiencing an RV through Airbnb is that you get all of the benefits of an RV without having to hook it up, drag it around, and maintain it. The owner gets the benefit of renting out their palace on wheels whereas you get an experience of a lifetime. Everyone wins! Imagine relaxing in a vintage Airstream with majestic views like your own personal cottage, you can’t beat it. Here are some of the most amazing Airbnb RV rentals we’ve come across.

Beautiful Views of Malibu in an Airstream

Malibu Airstream

We’ve mentioned the Malibu Beach RV Park, but maybe a campground is not what you’re after for your beach getaway on the Golden Coast. This vintage Airstream rental includes everything you would need to enjoy a beautiful view of the Channel Islands, Catalina and Deer Creek Canyons, and County Line Beach – weather dependent. It sleeps three, openly acknowledging the awkwardness of a third wheel at such a romantic getaway, and includes a bathroom but mentions hot showers are only after the sun heats up the water. At $500/night you’re not getting the cream of the crop in RVs, of course because it’s an amazing vintage Airstream instead, but you get one of the craziest campsites in California.

Wine Country Relaxation

Temecula Wine Country

Maybe, just maybe, the beach is not your thing. You might be the more refined type that prefers a more relaxed atmosphere – then this 1974 Airstream in the California wine country is your speed. Enjoy spending your time in this vintage Airstream camper with SEVEN different wine vineyards right around the corner! Between sipping various samples of wine and taking in the breathtaking views, you can enjoy a 800 square foot deck and a pool! This paradise was so popular, the owners introduced another Airstream on the property to allow more paradise-seekers to take it all in. And the final kicker is that it’s modestly priced at a mere $145/night. Sure beats a hotel! 

Texas Desert Getaway

Texas Desert Getaway

This gem located in Terlingua, Texas is the ideal camping rental in the isolated desert with almost zero light pollution and amazing views of the Milky Way. With quite a cheap rate of $75/night, this desert diva boasts both a claw foot bathtub and a bidet, the luxuries you couldn’t find in many hotels let alone at a campsite. This is borderline camping as it’s so nice.

Land Yacht Seclusion in Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree Land Yacht

This restored Airstream “Land Yacht” with an included deck sits on 10 beautiful acres just outside of Joshua Tree National Park, and according to the reviews, it will not disappoint. While this glamping pad can potentially be for the adventurous, it comes off as more of a place for relaxation, meditation and privacy. Get away from the city life and enjoy views of beautiful boulders and silence. As a bonus, there is another Airstream and cabin rental on the property if your friends want to join in on this getaway.

Zion Astrovan Experience

Zion Astrovan Experience

If space is  in your list of requirements, then this Astrovan parked in the wilderness is ideal – no pun intended. At $70/night the owner claims you only need to bring ice and food, which is a no-brainer for any campsite, right? You don’t get much more than what a tent offers but the views is where it’s at! The local guide sets you up in one of the best campsites in the country and leaves you to your majestic views and pristine silence. Disconnect and enjoy the world as it was intended to be.

Northern Wisconsin Fishing Retreat 

Chetek Lake RV Rental

Not all Airbnb RV rentals are tropical or desert oasises, but that’s okay because there is some amazing fishing up north. This 35 foot Bighorn fifth wheel is nested on the 923 acre Chetek Lake which is prime for Bass, Northern Pike, and Walleye. However, you don’t have to rely strictly upon shore fishing and getting tangled in the weeds as this northern lakeside gem includes the use of a 24 foot pontoon to keep the party alive at sea. This property’s 300 feet of shoreline on Chetek Lake won’t break the bank either as it comes in at $79/night, both more inexpensive and more fun than any hotel you could imagine.

The Juice Box of 70’s Fun

The Juice Box

Vintage is not just in an Airstream (although they are pretty dang cool), you can experience it in a Winnebago as well. This unique 1973 Winnebago Brave once enjoyed a virtuous life of traveling the country but now awaits you near the beautiful Chesapeake Bay in Norfolk, Virginia. While it is quite small and lacks a bathroom, don’t mistake its coziness for its fun. You get to live in a true retro 70’s machine for only $44/night! How cool is that?!

Country Living in Maine

Camping on Organic Farm

Here’s your chance to camp out, disconnect, and experience life on a farm with organic farm fresh eggs (you collect) and fruits (you pick). With only a generator providing power and an outhouse for personal relief, this simple camper provides seclusion and peace in a world of chaos. Get out, walk the 45 acres of bliss countryside, and close your day with a campfire and good music. One note worth mentioning, as you enjoy visiting the animals on the farm, don’t touch the fences, they will electrify your experience.

City Glamping

City Glamping

This former food truck – turned glamping pad brings the best of country living to the city. Located in Oakland, California, this 1964 Kenskill Camper lives in a time of glamour while providing relaxation. Go see the rest of the city on the bikes the owner provides, or just sit back and enjoy the garden landscape with a cup of coffee, regardless you will be more than pleased.

Thanks to Airbnb, you can still enjoy an RV and the outdoor experience without actually owning an RV. There’s plenty more adventures to be found, of  course, but this list is just a sample of what is offered. Whether you’re after a lakeside retreat, seclusion in the desert, or simply want to try out an Airstream, you can definitely find it on Airbnb.