Tips for Starting a Campfire

Whether you’re camping with the comforts of an RV or hiking up a mountain to set up a tent for the night, the campfire is the staple of the experience. Everyone loves gathering around a warm campfire with the stars shining down from overhead. The campfire provides both heat and a slice of comfort as the embers crackle and spark.  However, getting there and keeping it going can be a challenge depending on what methods you use.

For the Love of Outdoors has published a fantastic infographic for building a campfire.  While it is a simple depiction of how to do it, nonetheless it shines light (get it?) on the various considerations.  This discusses how to properly setup the wood and get it started, what type of wood you should use depending on what you’re going for, and a few safety tips to keep you from burning down the forest.  Something we recommend that this infographic does not describe, is starting out with a soft wood to get it started then transitioning to a hard wood.  This will allow you to get the fire going quickly, but heats up nicely and does not go through your pile of wood too quickly.

Check out the infographic below!

Tips for starting a campfire
How to Start a Campfire

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